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Yard Signs
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Yard Signs


Are you looking for an effective way to promote your products or services, spread the word about your event, or maybe support a political campaign?

Yard Signs yard1 300x200If you answered yes, then yard signs can prove to be the solution you need. Also referred to as coroplast signs, these marketing tools are an excellent way to advertise products or services, inform customers about your business, and support your chosen candidate – all without spending a boatload of money.

Paragon Signworks manufactures the highest-quality and most affordable yard signs in town! Without our cutting edge equipment and streamlined manufacturing process, we are able to produce any yard signs, banners, or signage to suit the needs of your business or organization.

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Yard Signs as a Marketing Tool

Yard Signs outdoor yard signs 300x300Regardless of the kind of business you’re operating, there’s no reason not to use yard signs to increase the visibility of your brand. Our team crafts eye-catching, unique, and innovative yard signs to boost brand credibility, increase business reach, and improve customer recognition.

These yard signs can be used to:

  • Improve visibility for any even such as marathons, craft fairs, or sports fests.
  • Advertise the products or services of your business
  • Promote new or seasonal products
  • Give instructions to guests at your location, such as telling where the parking area is
  • Promote your construction business while working on a particular project

Paragon Signworks is a full-service yard sign shop. This means you can rely on us to handle the different areas of the signing process. You can provide ready-to-print files and we will have your signs printed on the same day. We also offer next day production in case you need a large number of signs. With the knowledge, experience, and tools of your experts, we can produce the best single color and full-color signage. More importantly, we work with you throughout the process to guarantee that you’ll receive exactly what you need without going beyond your budget.

Custom Real Estate Signage

Yard Signs real estate outdoor yard sign e1519225966155 185x300While yard signs are used across virtually all industries, they are most commonly used by real estate agents.

Yard signs are usually seen promoting businesses and homes for sale as well as open houses. Real estate agents often utilize custom yard signs to promote their brand and give important information about the properties for sale.

Aside from creating the best yard signs, we also specialize in manufacturing sign holders. These can be used by real estate agents to stand out from the crowd, catching the attention of potential buyers. We also offer other signage including outdoor banners, storefront signs, and lobby signage. With our wide range of products, we strive to be your top choice for your signage needs.

Political & Campaign Signs

Yard Signs yard5 300x144While yard signs are most popularly used by real estate agents, service providers, and retail stores, they also play a huge role during the election season. Nearly all candidates rely on yard signs to improve their political campaigns.

Yard signs are a favorite among both candidates and supporters because they provide excellent visibility while being cost-effective at the same time. They are usually given away during rallies to spread information about the advocacy of the candidates. These signs are also strategically placed in different locations where they can be seen by potential voters. The increased name recognition can prove to be a difference maker once it’s time to vote.

Free Yard Sign Consultation

There’s no need to bother yourself with ordering online, waiting several days, and ending up disappointed because you didn’t get the right product. Our company provides a streamlined shopping experience. You can opt for local pick-up to see for yourself that you receive exactly what you paid for. Moreover, you can sift through our portfolio of samples before you shell out money. Give us a call right now!

Call Paragon Signworks today at (602) 483-6500 for your Free Consultation with a Yard Sign Specialist!