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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs
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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs


Most people remember the massive gas station, restaurant or convenience store signs which can easily be seen from a distance while driving on the interstate, and let passersby know there is food, gas or supplies are nearby!

Complete Storefront Signage

This is known as a type of Pole Sign!

Not much else can attract customers quite like a customized pole sign can do, and they work like a beacon which tells customers, your facility is operating and here to serve them. If you are interested in installing freestanding and permanent signs at your location that will offer a greater range of visibility and the provide a significant impact on sales opportunities, then pole signs are an ideal choice for your business needs.

Paragon Signworks is a leader in Pole Sign designs, the manufacturing process, and the installation. With our friendly and efficient customer-support in addition to our dedicated and driven team of fabricators along with our installers, we are ready to design unique pole signs that match up to your business location. This assists with increasing traffic flow to your company that results in adding a lot more sales to your company.

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Illuminated Pole Signs

Dairy Queen Pylon SignPole Signs involve hoisting a huge cabinet sign upwards into the sky, which rests on a pole, illuminated and lighted pole signage happens to be the ideal choice for the businesses that are open till late. This type of signage stands about 20-feet sometimes more, which attracts travelers from far away to your facility, like moths drawn to a bright flame.

These signs are durable and attractive, yet many customers often think the initial investment is considerable. However, when you consider the traffic that these signs easily attract to your facility, the money you have spent returns to you in the form of a significant increase in your sales.

Maybe you are unsure whether the pole signs are a suitable choice for your type of business, we will gladly provide an evaluation at your company to help you decide if this is the correct type of signage for your needs.

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Pylon & Tenant Signs

Pylon Sign Tenant signThe Pylon and Tenant Signs are similar to the Pole Signs in the way that they are erected over your business rooftop. However, they usually offer additional information in comparison to the single pole signs. They are generally not as high as the Pole Signage, but the Pylon Signage is made from heavier materials and features dual support or a broad base, supported structure opposed to the single-poles.

Tenant Signs are a Pylon sign type which advertises various businesses located in one complex or business facility. These types of signs are ideal for the shopping malls, shopping centers, and many business parks.

If you are interested in signs but are confused or unsure of what will work for your business, we can help when it comes to choosing the ideal combination of signs for your business or your storefront.

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Free Pole Sign Consultation

We have a team of Pole Sign experts on board at Paragon Signworks that are waiting eagerly to assist you! We work with you through the process, starting with the design all the way through the final stages of your installation, along with an efficient clean-up when the job comes to an end. If you need an expert, dedicated and passionate local sign partner, Paragon Signworks, are your best partner for every signage requirement you might have for your specific company.

Call Paragon Signworks today at (602) 483-6500 for a Free Consultation with a Pole Sign Expert!