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Lighted Signs
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Lighted Signs


Do you want to make sure your business is shining bright and capturing the most attention from all the different people who are outside of the building? The best way to make that happen is to have a lighted sign installed outside of your building.

Lighted Signs channel letters banner outdoor storefront building illuminated backlit sign 300x225Lighted signs come in all different styles and shapes. Business owners can decide on a specific style they personally prefer based on what they feel gives people the best first impression of their business. Lighted signs are often used in hospital environments, but they’re commonly used inside other establishments as well, including restaurants and stores.

Paragon Signworks makes various lighted signs for business owners. We can create signs for the front of your establishment or the inside area. We’ll work to come up with options that you can afford based on your particular budget. We want to provide all the different signs you could possibly want or need.

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Traditional Neon Signs

Lighted Signs lighted 1 300x200Neon signs are quite attractive, but there is a lot of maintenance and upkeep that goes into keeping those signs looking their best. As a result, most business owners prefer to avoid them because they don’t want to have to keep spending money to fix them and keep them in good condition. The good news is that these business owners can still have lighted signs that are lit with LED lights instead of the traditional neon options. LED signs are bright, beautiful, and last much longer than the neon ones.

Lighted LED Signs

Lighted Signs storefront 3 300x174We’ve managed to recreate the appearance of neon by using LED light bulbs on our signs. The signs have a retro and bright appearance, but they’re a lot better for the environment and they don’t waste nearly as much energy.

Having these lighted signs is important for any business owner. You can use them to brighten up the outside of a building that may regularly look a bit too dark. It’s common to find these bright signs installed outside of gas stations, pizza stores, and other places that are usually open late.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Lighted Signs Royal Cyber Indoor Lobby Sign Backlit 300x169While we can make tons of decorative lighted signs for storefronts, we’re also known for making beautiful lighted signs that may be used inside of a building rather than outside of the building. These signs are often used to highlight the many sections of a store or establishment, making it more convenient for the customers to find things they may be looking for while shopping around.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Lighted Signs 0092 Dairy Queen Bendsen Sign  Graphics W 19mm 80x176 Bloomington IL 101718 1 300x225If you’d like to have an edgy tech vibe inside your establishment, we can build programmable message centers for you. These types of signs are bright and will display a message of your choice. You’ll even be able to change the message you’d like to display on a daily basis.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225We look forward to working with you and creating bright signs for your business, whether you need them for the building’s exterior, interior, or both. If you’d like to have some of the best signs created, working with us is a wise decision to make. We’ll customize your options and create them using only the finest materials to ensure we’re providing high-quality signage.

We have all the right equipment needed to do our jobs efficiently. We’ll consult with you to find out a bit more about what you’re looking to get for your business. We provide all different types of signs, including lighted signs, trade show signs, and everything else you could possibly need to use in or around your establishment.

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

Let us help you shine bright and capture all the attention with our impressive lighted signs.

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